Pima County Casa

Annual Appeal 2024-25

An Annual Appeal is conducted in the fourth quarter of each year.  A letter or postcard is mailed to past donors and concerned citizens in the Greater Tucson Area who have expressed interest in helping us achieve our mission to support the unmet needs of abused and neglected foster children in Pima County.

The CASA Support Council for Pima County, Inc. is certified by the Arizona Department of Revenue as a  Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organization (QFCCO).  SB1216, signed into law in May, 2016, increased the amounts taxpayers may claim for this certification.  It also allows taxpayers to claim a tax credit for contributions to QFCO.  Our tax credit number for Form 352 is 10004.

The Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organization tax credit for 2024 tax credit is: $587 for individuals and $1173 for married couples.

Contributions do not have to be made all at once.  You may contribute throughout the year and receive a tax receipt for each contribution.

Arizona Tax Credit

How to get the Credit:

  1. Contribute to the CASA Support Council using cash, check or credit card by April 15th, 2025.
  2. Acquire Arizona Form 352.  Report our legal name, CASA Support Council for Pima County, Inc. as the qualifying charitable organization you contributed to, as well as the dollar amount of your donation.  Indicate our tax code of 10004.
  3. Your tax form booklet will have it or you can download it from www.azdor.gov or call 800-352-4090.
  4. Fill out and file this form along with your Arizona tax return.
  5. This credit is available only to individuals, not corporations or partnerships.  If the State withheld more than you owe, your refund will be higher.  If they withheld less than you owe, you will pay less.
  6. The CASA Support Council for Pima County, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) charity, certified under the Arizona Department of Revenue.

EIN #83-0410169

For additional questions about your donation, please contact us at donations@casasupportcouncilpima.org