Pima County Casa

Staff and Board Members 2023-24

Staff  2023-24

Executive Director: Linda Koral; email: linda@casasupportcouncilpima.org; phone: 520-465-4425

CFO: Crystal George; email: crystal@casasupportcouncilpima.org; phone: 520-205-2591

Project Manager: Katie Hamlin; email:  katie@casasupportcouncilpima.org; phone: 520-808-1450

       Admin Support: Felisa Hernandez:  felisa@casasupportcouncilpima.org; phone: 520-575-5130


Board of Directors  2022-23

Lori Taylor – Co-President

Jan Webster – Co-President

Janet Pipes – Secretary

Christa Lasater- Director

Jon Merritt – Director

Karlene Nelson – Director

Alyce Dice – Director

Kate Riley – Director